Rematch: Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson - UFC 206

Discussion in 'Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) and Zuffa' started by armbarandgrill, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. armbarandgrill

    armbarandgrill Administrator Staff Member

    Most excellent.
  2. tzourg1

    tzourg1 Administrator Staff Member

    Daniel 24/7.
  3. NightwingBJJ

    NightwingBJJ New Member

    What up?!?
  4. Digital MMA

    Digital MMA Administrator


    Thanks for registering!

    Feel free to introduce yourself in the Introduce yourself section lol

    This forum is literally 3 days old
  5. NightwingBJJ

    NightwingBJJ New Member

    Thanks for being inviting. I will introduce myself once I have more time this weekend.
  6. Digital MMA

    Digital MMA Administrator

    Do as you wish.

    I got banned on sherdog yesterday lol.

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