An Analytical Assessment of MMA's Biggest Superfight

Introduction: Conor McGregor is the sport's biggest star ever [Sorry Dana White]. His straight-left is a thing of beauty and he managed to redefine the game in more ways than one. This piece isn't aimed to discredit him in anyway, but when it comes to his chances against Eddie Alvarez, despite what the betting odds say, this fight is simply a mismatch.

Alvarez vs. McGregor

At this point, we have a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of every fighter.

The Scotch-Irishman is known for his iron chin, laser-accuracy and a nuclear missile of a left hand.

His grappling has been called in question. Chad Mendes chained takedown after takedown together coming off a 2-week camp.

Chad Mendes takes down Conor

Nate Diaz managed to parlay a guillotine choke attempt into 2 dominant positions before finishing him off with a rear naked choke.

Conor chokes out Nate

Joe Duffy effortlessly took Conor down and submitted him instantly after getting rocked on the feet.

Duffy Submits Conor

Now, Eddie Alvarez might not have the wrestling prowess of Chad Mendes- but the size differential is more than enough to make up for that.
The Pennsylvania-native has been using his grappling to edge out notable strikers such as Anthony Pettis.

Alvarez lay n' prays Pettis

Most importantly, what we're forgetting here, is that Eddie Alvarez doesn't even have to rely solely on wrestling to defeat Conor.
Conor is more than hittable- and at 155 lbs., that's a serious liability.

Here is Conor absorbing power-shots from Chad Mendes, the Feathwerweight.

Mendes tags Conor

Mendes tags Conor

As he goes up in weight, he finds his chin to be far less durable against borderline top 5 Lightweight Nate Diaz,
a fighter who's not particularly noted to have a lot of power in his hands.

Nate Rocks Conor

Nate Rocks Conor

And if you haven't noticed, Eddie Alvarez is a pretty good striker himself.

Eddie Alvarez being a beast

Eddie Alvarez being a beast

Eddie Alvarez being a beast

Conclusion: Conor McGregor may be the superior fighter, in absolute terms, but finds himself overwhelmed against the elite lightweights of the UFC (and elsewhere).
Much of his legendary power is lost against larger opponents, and he finds himself less capable of absorbing strikes without being hurt.
The truth of the matter is, Eddie Alvarez has managed to chain-wrestle bigger and stronger opponents than Conor McGregor.
If Conor needs 2 attempts to narrowly out-point a fighter that hasn't been ranked in the top 5 since 2013, he isn't ready to hang with the Champion of the 155 lb. division.
Conor's reign at featherweight may be more secure than Alvarez's reign at lightweight, but the latter will remind the former that size does indeed matter.

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